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                      Lego is a game that everyone plays from 7 to

               70. I started to build legos when I was 3 years old. And
               I started to make Lego Duplo. But at the age of 6 , I

               decided to make Lego City. Now I haven’t got enough
               time for Lego. But in summer holidays I can spare my

               time for it . I like creating new things , and this is the
               aim of lego . That ‘ s why I love playing legos. There

               are  different  kinds  of  legos  for  everyone.  For
               example: Lego Junior is for the babies. Lego Friends is

               for  girls.  Lego  City  is  generally  for  the  boys.  Lego
               Technics  is  for  adults.  In  Lego  Sets,  there  are

               suggested  age  limits.  So  we  can  understand  if  it  is
                                                                            Some of my Legos
               suitable for us or not. Lego helps people to improve

               their  imagination  as  well.  People  can  produce  new

               There are 2 films called “ Lego  Movie 1 & 2 “ .The actors are

                      Because of the technology nowadays people benefit
               from the apps while building their Legos . You can download

               these apps and benefit from them. Playing Lego is really joyful
               and it is like an addiction if you start to build one, you can

               never stop !

                                                    Ali EKE 6/A
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