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               ACADEMIC APPROACH

                      Efe College, operating by the HOLISTIC EDUCATION SYSTEM which was created in the
               light of scientific principles in cooperation with an advisory board made up by academics from
               Turkey's  elite  universities,  offers  its  students  a  complete  and  project-based  education  with
               global standards such as robotics - coding and STEM.


                   o  In preschool and primary school, grades 1, 2, 3 and 4, the classes are taught both in the
                      native language and in English by a classroom / preschool teacher and an English teacher.

                   o  Providing students with a variety of learning methods with interactive learning tools,
                      smart boards, in each class.

                   o  Ensuring that students assimilate information and achievements by doing projects in
                      accordance with the monthly thematic program consisting of a total of nine themes.

                   o  The practice  of  coding-robotics,  STEM  and  second foreign  language  courses,  starting
                      from pre-school by branch teachers

                   o  80% of the lessons are predominantly in english

                   o  Teaching  by  different  class  teachers  in  two-year  periods  in  the  four  year  primary
                      education period

                   o  Through homework hours under the tutelage of teachers within the course hours of
                      the  school  program,  the  students  have  more  time  for  their  personal  and  social
                      development with their family

                   o  Test solving hours for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades on weekdays

                   o  According to the 6th, 7th and 8th grades exam results, extra weekend courses are
                      carried out.

                   o  Weekly homework and homework follow-up program prepared individually for 8th
                      grade by branch teachers and counseling service
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