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o  Sharing  of  a  monthly  academic  development  report,  made  up  by  the  student´s
                      academic development, if any, deficiencies, and graphs with explanatory comments,
                      with the parents

                   o  Responsibility  and  self-confidence  activities  for  the  social  and  psychological
                      development of the student, group work, organization of trips and activities outside
                      the school

                   o  The implementation of compassion towards animals and nature through the school´s
                      animal shelter and botanical garden


                      The education in preschool and primary, grades 1,2,3,4, at Efe College is both in mother
               tongue  and  English.  In  this  way,  students  are  provided  with  an  international  standard  of
               language training to improve their language skills such as literacy, listening and speaking.
               Through the programme of Cambridge University Press, 80% of the education is in English. In
               order for the students to acquire a foreign language in a way that will make them to become
               world citizens, most of the classes are fully in English and some of them are provided by being
               integrated  with  English.  In  addition,  students  are  ensured  to  communicate  in  English  on
               breaks, in the cafeteria, at the canteen, in library and school activities.

                      In order to determine the language level of the students in international standards, the
               progression reports are prepared by applying exams at the beginning, in the middle and at the
               end  of  the  year.  International  projects  are  carried  out  by  contacting  with  native  English

                      Efe College also trains the students second foreign language such as Spanish, German
               and Russian depending on the students’ choice, as of the beginning of the preschool.
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